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January 5, 2019 New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 15 degrees. 

What a way to kick off the New Year with a New Moon on January 5, 2019 in the sign of the sea goat, Capricorn. Lets talk about what takes place during a New Moon. It is a time of beginnings, fresh starts a drawing up of a map of the future according to the lunar calendar. This being the first New Moon of the Year, it contains a certain responsibility that results in imprinting the year ahead with some serious Earthy Capricorn energy.

Cappies are born with an almost mature attitude that gets attention for being known as an old soul or a wise young one. They take on work duties easily and thrive in structure. Down to earth in their approach to every day life they seem to take in stride the road ahead and may advance in the learning systems quite quickly. How to earn money is their first serious goal when young. The older Cappies age, the younger their attitude becomes. Later in life, they do let go of their workaholic ways and make more time for play than when young and seriously driven. They require the hard cold facts and appreciate mentors before them. Government and history buffs at heart they love to teach others about what and why things worked in the past and love to serve through politics. Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn, known for being Father Time. Disciplined and restricting it compresses the Universal energy to clarify your life purpose. Saturn's element is lead, so others may feel Capricorns to carry heavy, unyielding energy. Loyal, dependable and able to carry any load these sea goats start off from the ocean floor depths and take every opportunity to climb up and take on, step by step, mountain climbing to get to the top successfully and proud of a mission accomplished. It is also the sign of the builder, in construction or architecture. Saturn, uses life time cement, and works diligently on your plans, your dreams and manifests them week by week. 

So what happens when we have a New Year Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn at the time of a New Moon? We, as astrologers, get to take delight in sharing this very special time to help you begin to build your future for the upcoming 2019. According to your personal astrology chart everyone has Capricorn in their chart. Your chart has 12 houses or indicators of life energy. What ever house Capricorn is in it will highlight an opportunity to begin anew. The degree reading is 15 degrees at this Partial Solar Eclipse. One plus five equals six, the master number of the builder. This New Moon grants you 10 wishes or intentions regarding constructing new ideas, work opportunities, new relationships or new ways of learning, writing or communicating. A Solar Eclipse carries yang energy or male energy. A male inside your inner circle may decide to leave or will be eclipsed from your life and journey to better shores! This New Moon is also is holding hands with Saturn, Pluto and the mighty Sun all in Capricorn! It's time to get serious, stop wasting time and get down to business. You have two weeks after Uranus turns direct on Jan 6, 2019 to break open some thing new. Superb time for launching, beginning a new business or class, building a new image, opening a new bank account or ordering new business cars. These next 14 days will stir you into action and financial results. Use this time wisely as the next eclipse - they always arrive in pairs in Jan 20, 2019 is with a powerful Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo at 1 degree. This Full Moon is called the Wolf Moon, as a loner Full Moon with the single number one. Not a very joyful Full Moon either. I will share my take on the upcoming January 20th  Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse next time. 

My advice is to always to take one day at a time but have the insight as to what lies ahead. 

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